Internal routing (ICR)
Infinitely adjustable height
Replaceable cartridge, very low maintenance. Adjustable air pressure (only in 31.6mm models)

Replaceable sealed cartridge. Adjustable extension speed through air load (only in 31.6mm models)

New DU bushings

Oversized stanchion

Remote lever with bearing

Available in 31.6mm and 27.2mm

Adjustable max extension in 30mm, by 5mm steps

Max. insert: 215mm(110mm) /  230mm(125mm) / 255mm(150mm) / 275mm(170mm) / 305mm(200mm)

  • DIAMETER: 27.2mm / 31.6mm
  • TRAVEL: 110mm / 125mm / 150mm / 170 mm / 200mm
  • WEIGHT: 548g (110mm) / 515g (125mm) / 559g (150mm) / 589g (170mm) / 635g (200mm)

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